The Journey Begins

I’ve always wanted to write, however I have never have the confidence to do so. I think about doing it often, and created this blog several months ago. I’m now just going to bite the bullet and do so. Here it goes…

My name is Rickee, and I live for my husband, Dan, and the 6 animals I own. I’m gonna tell you about each of them, because my writing will revolve around them, and you should be introduced. Each of them are individually amazing.

I met Dan in August of 2016. We met online, and the first time I met him in person, my heart fluttered and I knew something was special about him! Very quickly we both knew we never wanted to live with out each other, and we made things official within a week of meeting. Dan is quiet and usually sits back and observes everything. Once he is comfortable around you, watch out because he can talk ALMOST as much as I can!! He is a genius and is so knowledgeable. I have only stumped him once with a question!! He is thoughtful, and kind. I have never had anyone love me as whole heartily as he does. He considers my well being and feelings in anything he does that would effect me. I could go on and on about how amazing he is, and how perfect he is for me, but I think you get the point. We got engaged in May of 2017, on our 9 month anniversary! We bought a house together about 2 months later, and moved in September of 2017. On July 21st, we said “Forever and ever…. AMEN”! Pearls N' Love - Richardson Wedding (239).jpg

Dan is an engineer for a frac company in the oilfield. Unfortunately, this means that he is gone for 14 days at a time, and home for 7. Some women say to me, “Oh you are so lucky! I’d love for my husband to be gone like that!”. I feel sorry for those women. I wish I could see my husband every day. If you do the math (because of course Dan has!), he is working 242 days a year and technically he has more days off than someone working 40 hours a week. I still would rather be able to see him daily. 14 days doesn’t seem long, until part of your heart isn’t home with you. Also, things barely EVER go wrong when he is home. As soon as he leaves, something breaks, someone gets sick, I get a flat tire, it snows like crazy, the car breaks down… SOMETHING. You now how it goes. Thankfully, I’ve always been rather independent, and a problem solver, so I handle business but man, it would be so much easier with him here!!

When Dan and I met, I had a dog named Zeelee. I had adopted her from the SPCA in March of 2016. Zeelee is a lab/great dane mix. She was originally from Tupelo, MS. She’s 85 pounds of love and energy!!!! I love each of my animals, however, Zeelee is definitely my “ride or die”. She is independent, and sassy. She will talk back to me when I tell her no sometimes! Zee tore her ACL completely, we think when she was a pup. She had an incident where she was accidentally had her foot stepped on by a horse at the barn. She limped that day, but returned to normal the next. However sporadically I would notice her limping. So we had it looked at by the vet, and she recommended some pain meds and rest which worked for awhile however, this past fall the limping became constant. There were a few incidents of her yelping and yipping in pain which finally sent us to a specialist. She needed a surgery called TPLO to repair it. Basically they take the lower leg bone, cut part of the bone off, attach it to a metal post, and then attach that post back to the lower leg, and it serves as a virtually unbreakable “ACL”. Currently, we are in the first week of recovery. It’s been going great. I can’t even believe it really. She has to be kenneled 24/7 other than going potty. When Zeelee was a puppy she ate her way out of a metal kennel, and got out through a 9×13 hole, at 60 ish pounds. At the time, I was working for a barn, as their barn manager, and thankfully, they allowed me to bring her to the barn every day because of her separation anxiety. For the first 18 months of having her, she literally went EVERY WHERE with me, because if I left her home she would destroy my apartment. She destroyed a couch one day by ripping open the cushions, and the part where your back goes, and the arm rest. She would get the pantry open and bring food in and make a mess with it or eat it. She opened a 5 pound bag of sugar in the living room once and spread it all over the carpet! I am positive the new tenets of that apartment still suck up sugar when they vacuum! She did the same thing with s bag of rice crispies!!! Anyways, I had anxiety about the recovery from this surgery due to her previous behavior. However, she is now 3 and slightly more mature. She of course is on some good pain meds, and the surgeon gave her some extra sedatives to help. I once again am fortunate to be working for a veterinary clinic that is 3 minutes away from the house. So I take her with me to work, and kennel her or leave her in reception with me. I also am able to take her there to be doggie sat while I go to ride. I am so grateful for being able to do that. Other wise I probably would have had to take off to stay with her, and recovery is 8 weeks!! 227679



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