Early dismissal :)

The best thing happened Friday, when Dan text and said he would be home in a few hours!!!! 24 hours before I expected him. Thankfully, the location he was headed to wasn’t ready yet, and his boss had told him if he wanted to leave early for days off he could. Originally he was coming home Saturday, 4 days early, as he usually gets back on Tuesday nights or Wednesday morning. Due to a snow storm that was supposed to be really bad, his boss said to go Friday instead!!! YA!!! Myself and the girls were very happy about this! Okay I was really the excited one but I did try to get them to be too! haha

On Friday’s, if you are a Richardson, you have pizza. Ironically, it was always my family tradition too, to have pizza on Friday nights. Dan went for pizza and I walked Zeelee on her first long walk since surgery. She did great!! she tries to pull and take off on me, so Saturday I started putting her prong collar on her to get her to take it slow. I’m still walking her with the sling. Since Dan was no home, I made arrangements to ride Bruce on Saturday in a lesson with my trainer Jenny. Dan could stay home and look after Miss Zee. My sister even said she’d come along to see my lesson, meet Bruce and take video for me!!!

Our lesson was GREAT! One of the things we are learning together is leg yields, and we did pretty darn well with them that day! Lots of trot work together that had everything right about it. Alayna (my sister), Jenny and I had the barn to ourselves after the lesson and had a chance to chit chat after which was cool. I appreciate my sister so much more now that we are grown.

So, the weather man claimed we were gonna get freaking “snowmageddon” Saturday into Sunday. Alayna needed a few things, just in case, plus she had company and needed extra supplies in general. I don’t grocery shop when Dan isn’t home. I rarely cook, I eat take out or random stuff that I grab at the store. I grabbed a bunch of stuff at the store, since he was going to be home for extra days off, that way we didn’t have to go out to eat every night. Snow or not, the temps were supposed to drop here, and they sure have! It’s like 9 degrees here now and dropping. Snowmageddon was a total flop, we got like 5 inches of snow instead of 12, no complaints here. Then we got ice on top of it from rain, and melting.

Saturday evening, I made dinner for Dan and I which is a rarity because I dislike cooking. I also am a really picky eater and really stick to the same type stuff all the time and Dan likes variety when hes home because he eats mostly out of a microwave when he is on the road, with limited ingredients. We have just been putzing around the house together since hes been back, which is my favorite!!! I slept soooo late today. I didnt get up until 1!!! Dan had shoveled what snow we did have, and when I got up he made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast!! That’s my favorite meal!Snapchat-413597641

I made a trip to tractor supply to get some things for Bruce. He’s dropped some weight the past few weeks from working 4 days a week and because of the cold.I stopped at the barn on my way back and gave him some of his new extra food, dengie. He loves it thank goodness. Not all horses like it, so I was a bit concerned. I also got beet pulp to make on the days I ride, as a snack after.

We watched the chiefs loose. That was SUCH a bummer!! Currently, we’re snacking on ice cream, watching the telly and snuggling Abbee and Jett… life is good. I love having my babe home 🙂